Can You Reverse a Cavity?

Read our blog post to discover tips to reverse early stage tooth decay and prevent the formation of cavities. Schedule a dental checkup at our office to confirm your mouth is cavity-free! Contact us today.

What Can You Do About Sensitive Teeth?

Check out our blog post for 5 tips to combat sensitive teeth, from dietary tips to oral hygiene care. Moreover, we encourage you to visit Arizona Biltmore Dentistry every 6 months to check if any tooth sensitivity and pain is due to tooth decay. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!

How to Build Strong Teeth with Diet

Read our blog post to discover how to promote healthy and strong teeth with water, fruits, vegetables, and foods high in calcium and vitamin D. Our team can give you additional cavity-prevention and teeth-strengthening tips. Contact us today!

​Back-To-School Dental Tips

Read our blog post for tips to encourage superb oral health for your child this school year. We care about the mouths of each member of your family and welcome patients of all ages! Contact us to schedule your child’s next dental checkup.

3 Summer Treats That Won’t Harm Your Smile

What time is it? Summertime! Check out our blog post to discover 3 treats we recommend reaching for when your daily ice cream craving hits. Our team is committed to helping you have a healthy mouth; that means helping you know which foods are good for your teeth. Contact us for more oral health tips or to schedule your next checkup.

Snacks That Are Good for Teeth

Looking for mouth-watering, mouth-healthy foods? Read our blog post to discover 6 tasty snacks that will promote healthy teeth! Reach for these next time you have the munchies. Great oral health contributes to a healthy overall body. Contact our friendly dental practice for more oral health tips.

Cleaning Your Pet’s Teeth

Do you care about your furry companion’s oral health? Read our blog post for tips on cleaning your pet’s teeth. We explain how to create a routine & encourage your pet’s cooperation. We also describe the proper tools & technique for success. Contact our office to schedule your own cleaning!

6 Dental Fads to Avoid

Have you attempted oil pulling or whitening your teeth with charcoal and hydrogen peroxide? Do you have grills, tooth gems, or an oral piercing? Read our blog post to learn about how these can harm your smile! Contact us if you have more questions about why you should avoid these dangerous fads.

5 Common Flossing Mistakes

Flossing is a key component of maintaining healthy teeth and oral hygiene. It’s important to floss properly to avoid plaque and tartar buildup. Here are some common flossing mistakes to avoid.