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Patient Testimonials

Lacandace D. Avatar

5 star rating The staff here was amazing! I went to veneers done in Mexico and they came out horrible. I found this office and they scheduled me an appointment right away! Dr. Dang got me on a treatment plan right away to correct the issue. Erica the dental assistant was absolutely amazing!! I loved all of the staff and my teeth came out perfect! Thank you Arizona Biltmore Dentistry for everything!

Lacandace D. 11/21/2021
Kelly B. Avatar

4 star rating I had my cavity filled by Dr. Rodriguez, who was great. He explained everything and asked if I had any questions.

I had pictures taken for the mouth guard, which ended up costing $400.

This dentistry practice is ok. They do a good job. But I have never been to a dentist prior to this that tried to upcharge me on everything. The things they are charging extra for sound completely reasonable - fluoride treatment, an oral cancer screening, or a mouth guard for teeth grinding... but it just feels weird coming from a dentist's office.

Kelly B. 7/14/2021
Zoe W. Avatar

Wow! After a few days of terrible pain and some bad advice from another dentist i called ABD at 6:05am begging for a same day appointment. The woman on the phone could tell i was hurting and made the appointment process as short and easy as possible. They were able to see me at 9am that day, but more importantly they were able to perform the work needed in that same appointment. Everyone here was an actual, literal, beautiful angel from heaven. I felt like i was in an alternate universe where people enjoy the dentist because of what a pleasant experience i had. Their first order of business at my appointment was my comfort 💚. Would recommend them to anyone who needs dental anything. I have moved all my future dental appointments here and am considering eating candy in bed so i can visit more often… kidding, but they really are that perfect here. 10 gold teeth for AZ Biltmore Dentistry.

Zoe W. 7/13/2021
Edel O. Avatar

It was really fun my dentist Omar was really friendly couldn’t recommend it enough for my friends. My teeth look amazing! I can finally have a confident smile 😃

Edel O. 7/03/2021
Skylar D. Avatar

My hygienist was the best! He was gentle and caring. The dentist was also very kind and professional, and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend AZ Biltmore dentistry!

Skylar D. 6/30/2021
Carla h. Avatar

The Dentist saw me within the same day. Actually within an hour of calling. I had an infection in my gum and it was VERY painful!! He examined me and took xrays. Then he presented me with two options. The staff presented the cost for each.

The office staff was very kind and helpful.
I am presently Awaiting an email of my x-rays which they will send to me.
All in all I would say it was a good experience.

Carla h. 6/28/2021
Vizsla M. Avatar

I had a huge fear of the dentist. So much so, that I went 14 years without going. My husband finally talked me into going to Arizona Biltmore Dentistry. My fears were quickly alleviated, and I was in great hands with Dr. J and Omar. I now look forward to going to the dentist, and have developed some great dental habits since I've been going to them. Highly recommended!

Vizsla M. 6/21/2021
Winnie B. Avatar

Honestly, I can hands down say that my experience here was nothing short of flawless. I just recently moved to Arizona from Texas about a month ago, and I googled "best dentist in Arizona" and they popped up as the top 3 options. After reading the reviews I decided to commit and give them a shot. Let's just say I would highly recommend them to anyone of my family or friends moving forward. 10/10 from the front desk, to dental assistant, dental hygenist and doctor.

Winnie B. 5/25/2021
Kenya E. Avatar

I keep coming back mostly cause my hygienist is super cool but the front end staff could be friendlier and it would nice if you called back they could process a bill over the phone for you. I don’t know why that was so hard to do

Kenya E. 5/16/2021
Jarick W. Avatar

Went for the first time today and had nothing but a good, easy, and honest experience. Very friendly staff and Gretchen was amazing and professional with conversation and getting the job done. Will definitely make this my permanent Phoenix dental home.

Jarick W. 5/06/2021
Lisa G. Avatar

Friendly and welcoming staff! Went in today after my tooth filling from a previous dentist fell out twice. They were able to get me in as a new patient and fix my filling on the same day! Very much appreciated. Thank you guys for everything you do! I have a new dentist now! 🙂

Lisa G. 4/23/2021
Janaiya D. Avatar

I had a great experience at Arizona Biltmore Dentistry! The staff were stellar and the customer service was amazing. Staff member, Omar was extremely helpful and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire appointment. I highly recommend this dentist office 🙂

Janaiya D. 4/16/2021
George P. Avatar

Terrific experience! My dental hygienist was so friendly, professional and efficient. The office and equipment are very clean and modern. One of the best dental experiences I have ever had. Can't recommend them more highly!

George P. 4/14/2021
Theresa F. Avatar

I wish it didn't cost so much for dental work. But, I highly suggest Arizona Biltmore Dentistry if you need any dental work done. They were very nice when they greeted me. I did not once feel judged or less than worthy of proper care. When I am ready to get my implants done, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Thank You Arizona Biltmore Dentistry.

-Theresa Foley

Theresa F. 3/03/2021
Brandan G. Avatar

Very Professional staff! Very skilled and experienced dentistry. They will help you with any current or possible problems that exist. Very friendly and I recommend them to anyone looking for great results!

Brandan G. 2/18/2021
Carleton G. Avatar

Arizona Biltmore Dentistry is one of the nicest Dentist offices I have been at in my time here in AZ. As a new patient I love that I can fill out all of my new patient paperwork online and that no additional paperwork was needed upon arrival. They take COVID seriously and have the office set up to make people feel safe and comfortable. The staff is very friendly, diverse, and they all communicate well with the patients and with each other. The Dental Hygienist I had was friendly and it felt like we had known each other for a while. I only went for a new patient exam but I could tell I would be returning. The Doctor was very knowledgeable, attentive, and prioritized my needs. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who asks. Keep up the wonderful work!

Carleton G. 1/25/2021
Mae C. Avatar

Everyone here is so welcoming. We got lost but it's actually very easy location. We were accommodated promptly even though we were a bit late. My daughter was very happy with the toy they gave her after her dental exam.

Mae C. 1/21/2021
Lashes a. Avatar

Everyone here is so welcoming. We got lost but it's actually very easy location. We were accommodated promptly even though we were a bit late. My daughter was very happy with the toy they gave her after her dental exam.

Lashes a. 1/21/2021
Vicki W. Avatar

Wow! The dentists and assistants are wonderful here. Erica was beyond awesome and the dentist consistently kept me feeling relaxed during my crown procedure. It was super nice to have them check in later that day and the following. Thank you AZ Biltmore Dentistry!

Vicki W. 1/21/2021
SAMUEL F. Avatar

I want to FIRST OFF thank the owner of this business for addressing my concern ASAP! I also want to thank the manager who was working overtime and decided to come all the way to my house to hand deliver me my refund check. It was very thoughtful and surprising! Thank you for resolving my concern and for that I will most definitely be willing to give a 5 star review!

SAMUEL F. 1/13/2021
Suzanne L. Avatar

As far as an initial visit goes I couldn’t ask for a better one! The front desk staff were pleasant and professional at getting me checked in , as well as when I checked out. They take care to make sure they follow recommended CoVID protocols. The dental hygienist was AWESOME! I also really appreciated the demeanor of my dentist. She was friendly, knowledgeable, she made sure to explain her findings along with treatment/ procedural recommendations. She also made sure all my questions were answered.

Once I go back and have my work done, I’ll update !

Suzanne L. 1/12/2021
Heather S. Avatar

Great hygienists, really take their time and explain all details. Had major work done and they worked with me on the billing aspects and were very transparent. Highly recommend!

Heather S. 1/12/2021
Candace H. Avatar

I am normally afraid of the dentist but Omar and Dr. W made me feel very comfortable. I had to get a cleaning and some fillings. Was one of the best dentist appointments that I have been to- will definitely be a return client.

Candace H. 12/04/2020
Karla M. Avatar

Omar is awesome! I’ve had two cleaning appointments with him already and he’s been great! He speaks Spanish and makes it super easy for me as it is my first language. He is always addressing any concerns or questions I have and providing advice.

Karla M. 12/03/2020
alley y. Avatar

Love this dentistry. I’ve been going to this dentistry for over 30 years. When my old dentist retired Dr J took over the practice. I was hesitant at first but after my first visit I was hooked. They are an awesome team, fair and prompt. Very professional but personable. Highly recommend.

alley y. 12/02/2020
Robert L. Avatar

The staff made the process as smooth as possible....they didn't push people into anything like sales people do. That said, the gave all possible options on what would need to be immediately or soon to be done regarding the severity of the situation. The only thing I will say is that they do not have a payment plan but they do use Care Credit if there are funds that are needed. I would recommend them to anyone as they are very friendly and willing to do everything possible to help people out with their teeth.

Robert L. 11/07/2020
Hannah K. Avatar

The tooth fairy has finally blessed me with this awesome staff. Alfredo, Gretchen, and Dr. Cha are really nice, funny, and made me feel comfortable. I was really scared going in thinking I had to get dentures but they reassured me that with 2 cavities that I wouldn’t need to. They also brought two friendly receptionists up to me to explain the costs of my next appointment which I really appreciate from a financial standpoint because jail was starting to sound like a good option with their free dental. A huge thanks to everyone there and I’ve officially made them my main dental provider!

Hannah K. 11/03/2020
Judy C. Avatar

Best experience by far dealing with any dentist, from the front all the way to the back, everyone was super nice and understanding! Had my tooth worked on right away which was what I desperately needed! Can’t wait to keep coming back! My doc had pretty eyes!!

Judy C. 10/27/2020
Fidaa W. Avatar

5 star rating Very friendly staff ... took me on a Saturday immediately when I called them for gum pain ..
I have chronic TMJ with very limited mouth opening and discomfort ! I was told many times that I NEED to get deep cleaning done BUT I delayed it for a couple of years out of fear .. with that sudden episode of gum pain I decided it's time to face my fears

Omar in particular is AMAZING. I swear when I was on the chair the first session I was gonna just leave before he would start but he explained the steps and the importance of the procedure and made me feel comfortable enough to proceed ! He took his time and gave me multiple breaks during the first day cleaning . By the end of it my jaw did just fine .. during the second session he made sure to do the same thing and I really felt very comfortable! I'm so glad this is over and I had to do what I had to do! If you are looking for a good compassionate oral hygienist then go for Omar.. he's the best

Fidaa W. 10/26/2020
Lennon J. Avatar

I went for a cleaning today after no dental visits at all for about four years. I was dreading the appointment but it went great. My teeth feel super clean and any work that needs to be done was explained and shown to me. There was no sales pitch or pushiness, it was very informative and professional. The office itself is very clean and all safety precautions are being taken in regards to Covid. I highly recommend this place. If you've been putting it off, just go get your teeth cleaned you'll be happy you did!

Lennon J. 10/15/2020