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Feeling like you need teeth whitening because you’re underwhelmed about your smile? We understand. Our natural teeth are meant to be white, bright, and attractive. But over the years, the color of our teeth become dull and discolored. The reason? Wear and tear, and because certain foods and beverages have stained our teeth. The truth is, over-the-counter whitening pastes, rinses, strips and other home remedies can only do so much. To get a truly brighter, whiter smile, you’ll need professional teeth whitening at Arizona Biltmore Dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry patients who have come to us with the same problem, walk out later feeling like a million bucks because their smiles have been restored!

You Deserve a Brighter Smile by a Local Professional

The teeth whitening products we use at Arizona Biltmore Dentistry will erase years of ugly stains from your teeth safely, affordably — and quickly. We also offer custom-made whitening trays and professional-strength gel that you can use in the comfort of your own home for more lasting before and after contrast. After your visit, the only question you’ll likely have is: Why did I wait so long to get my teeth whitened?


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In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment starts at $399 and comes with custom trays fit to your smile and an extra tube of whitening bleach for you to bring home for touch-ups. Relax and achieve the smile of your dreams in the comfort of our beautiful office.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Trays are perfect for avoiding any hassle of office visits. Pricing begins at $75 per arch for custom whitening trays. We're currently running a special for $195 that includes both arches, as well as 4 tubes of whitening bleach.



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Why Professional Teeth Whitening Over Store Products (Pens, Kits, Strips, etc.)?

You’ve probably seen the crowded aisles at the supermarket or drugstore that are lined with low cost teeth whitening products and kits you can use at home. Sure, they’re convenient. But do they work? Not really. The products and methods you can buy at Walmart or even Amazon, even in 2019, simply won’t give you the lasting brilliant glow you’re looking for. On top of that, these products (some of which use peroxide) are notoriously known to cause tooth sensitivity. While Arizona Biltmore Dentistry doesn’t discourage the use of OTC teeth whitening products, there are several benefits to using our professional, in-office treatment, including:

  • Safe, Effective, and Longer Lasting.

    We use state-of-the-art professional strength whitening formulas from trusted sources that adhere to top safety standards to protect your health.

  • Individualized Attention.

    We know every patient is different, that’s why we customize each whitening treatment based on a patient’s individual needs. In as little as an hour, we offer in-office services that remove years of stains and discoloration. We can also create custom trays that fit your teeth for at-home teeth whitening. Arizona Biltmore Dentistry will create the best system for your budget, lifestyle and objectives.

  • Less Tooth Sensitivity.

    Any type of teeth whitening can cause your teeth to feel temporarily more sensitive. To lessen this type of sensitivity, we have created strategies to counteract that phenomenon to reduce any discomfort you may be having.

  • Lasting Results.

    Who has the time or money to buy boxes of whitening strips over several months? Not many people! One in-office teeth whitening session at Arizona Biltmore Dentistry will give you fast and noticeable results with a track record of great reviews. And, when used with custom trays at home, these results can last for years.


How the Best Cosmetic Treatment Works

We offer custom-made whitening trays and professional-strength gel that you can use in the comfort of your own home. To get you started, we’ll bring you in to take impressions of your teeth and mouth. We send these impressions to the lab to have your custom whitening trays created. Once they’re ready, come in for a quick fitting and to go over our recommended whitening schedule. In no time at all, you’ll start to see a dramatically whiter smile greeting you in the mirror each morning each day!

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If you’re embarrassed about your stained teeth, let’s get you in for an appointment at Arizona Biltmore Dentistry. We will make your teeth whitening experience as safe and comfortable as possible in our family-friendly practice. For more information on the affordable teeth whitening services we provide to patients in Phoenix or to schedule an initial consultation, contact Arizona Biltmore Dentistry by calling: (602) 957-8200 All calls and team member interactions are protected by our privacy policy.

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