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ClearCorrect is one of the best invisible braces options on the market. Like clear aligners, ClearCorrect uses removable, transparent aligners to straighten your teeth. There are no irritating metal wires or brackets involved.

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What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a digitally mapped aligner system that uses 3D scanning technology to plan your tooth movement and guide them into a straighter position. It uses systematic pairs of alignment trays that you change out as directed, to gradually (and safely) align your bite.

Every set of ClearCorrect trays is made from transparent, BPA-free plastic material that’s smooth and customized to your unique smile.

Is ClearCorrect Better Than Braces?

If given the choice, most of our Phoenix orthodontic patients tell us that ClearCorrect is far better than braces. Simply because it allows for added perks and conveniences, like:

Fewer and shorter trips to the dentist’s office

Transparent aligners no one can see

Freedom to eat all of your favorite foods

Zero modification to your daily brushing and flossing routine

Discreet for social and professional interactions

Improved comfort

Digital design

ClearCorrect Cost

The price for ClearCorrect in Phoenix can vary, depending on a few different factors. To provide you with a precise quote, we will need to evaluate your bite, have our care coordinators incorporate your insurance benefit details (if applicable), and review other factors that could influence your treatment. Fortunately, after your initial exam, you’ll have a good idea as to the length and cost of ClearCorrect for your given situation.

Here are some things to consider:

The Type of Insurance Benefits Coverage You Have

Depending on the type of dental benefits plan you carry; your benefits may include orthodontic coverage in some situations. Our treatment coordinators will communicate with your carrier to get an itemized breakdown of what’s included. Please note that if you don’t have insurance coverage on braces, we offer flexible payment plan options for every budget.

How Long Your Treatment Will Take

The length of time required to correct your bite influences how many pairs of aligners you’ll need. And the number of aligners required can significantly impact the total cost of ClearCorrect. Some people need far fewer, while others need more.

Existing Gum or Dental Problems

Active decay/cavities or gum disease must be addressed before initiating any type of orthodontic treatment. However, ClearCorrect can be used alongside gum therapy to help reduce your risk of recurring infection!

Contact our office to reserve an exam to receive a precise breakdown of which fees may be involved.

Alternatives to ClearCorrect Aligners

Some of the most popular alternatives to ClearCorrect aligners include traditional braces, clear aligners, and many others. Each system has its advantages, but people who prefer invisible aligners and affordability tend to lean toward ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect is backed by over 15 years of success, providing comfortable—and predictable—teeth straightening for adults and teens throughout the world.

What is the Process for Getting ClearCorrect?

First, you’ll want to visit our Phoenix ClearCorrect provider to find out if you qualify for invisible braces. We’ll screen for oral infections and assess the way your teeth bite together. Typically, a series of photographs, digital scans, impressions, or X-rays are taken. At that point, we can estimate the length of your ClearCorrect treatment and work up an itemized care plan that breaks down all of the steps, fees, benefits, etc.

If you decide you’re ready to get ClearCorrect, we order your aligners and have them shipped to our office. You’ll take several pairs of trays home in advance, changing them out as directed. About every other month, you’ll stop by our Phoenix dentist’s office for a brief check-in to ensure everything is moving along as it ought to. 

How Long Do I Need to Wear ClearCorrect Aligners for?

Teeth Straighetning Arizona Biltmore Dentistry

ClearCorrect aligners need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day and changed out as directed (usually every two weeks.) Wearing your aligners as prescribed helps to ensure a predictable treatment outcome. Only remove your teeth-straightening trays for meals, brushing, flossing, or if you’re drinking anything other than water.

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