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Is it time to bring your child in for a visit? According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, kids should visit a dentist when their first tooth comes in or no later than their first birthday. Just as kids need their own pediatrician, they need a dentist too!

At Arizona Biltmore Dentistry, we do more than just treat the dental needs of every member of the family. We work to build good oral health habits and help local parents, teens and children alike develop a lifelong enthusiasm for dental hygiene. When children have positive dental experiences early in life, they are more likely to continue good oral health habits and have a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Why Choose Us for Your Pediatric Dentistry?

The pediatric dental team at Arizona Biltmore Dentistry are highly trained and experienced in working with patients of all ages. Their training includes the unique needs of infants, children and adolescents — including children with special needs.

At our practice, we see patients of all ages. We understand that our youngest patients need a gentle hand in order to feel comfortable in our care. Our entire team is friendly and knows how to talk to kids and their parents using language everyone can understand.

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Our Pediatric Services

We care about your children as if they were our own. We take the time to get to personally know our pediatric patients so we can help them feel comfortable during their care and deliver customized preventive services, including:

Children’s Exams & Cleanings
Dental Sealants
Fluoride Treatments
Tooth-Colored Fillings
Brushing & Flossing Instruction

What to Expect From the Best Kid Dentists

At Arizona Biltmore Dentistry, we go above and beyond to offer children a fun and smile- friendly environment they can feel comfortable in. Our team is energetic, outgoing — even downright funny at times. We work hard to alleviate dental anxieties so your child’s visit is a positive one. At your first visit, your child will receive a comprehensive oral exam, which includes a risk assessment for cavities, which helps us identify risk factors and early signs of dental decay. We will also guide parents on the best way to encourage healthy oral hygiene habits at home — as well as how to be on the lookout for dental and developmental concerns associated with thumbsucking or pacifier use. If your child becomes anxious or afraid during his or her visit, they will never be pressured into a dental cleaning. After all, a child may never want to return back to the office if they’ve had a negative experience. Our team is kind, compassionate, and extremely gentle in tending to your child’s needs.

Worried about bringing in little kids or waiting with other children? Our toybox is famous across the valley and has axctual toys-- none of those cheap knick knacks that are always broken. We've got barbies, hotwheels, coloring books, dolls, balls, and more. It will be easy for your kids to forget that they are even at the dentist office.

Schedule an Appointment For Your Children

We invite you to make an appointment and see what makes our office so wonderful. To plan your visit, just call Arizona Biltmore Dentistry for a pediatric dentistry appointment at (602) 562-7096. Based on your child’s age, we will recommend appointment times that will ensure they have the best possible experience.

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