History of Toothpaste

Check out our blog post to discover how toothpaste has changed over time, from ancient Egypt to modern-day. If you have additional questions about anything dental-related, contact our friendly team today.

Why Do We Develop Plaque?

Check out our blog post to discover what plaque is and why it develops. We also suggest a few tips to prevent its accumulation. Schedule your next cleaning and checkup to free your mouth from the negative effects of plaque!

Who Invented Cotton Candy?

Read our blog post to discover the name of the dentist who created cotton candy. Our team is committed to helping you protect your teeth from the negative effects of sugar. Contact us for tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong!

How Diabetes Affects Your Teeth

Read our blog post to learn about type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and prediabetes. We explain what they are, their signs and symptoms, and how they negatively affect your teeth. We also discuss how to improve your oral health and avoid the dental issues associated with diabetes. Schedule your next checkup to be sure your smile is healthy!

Stem Cell Dental Implants Can Grow New Teeth

Read our blog post to discover a neat way to regrow teeth in the future: stem cells. But you don’t have to wait to restore your smile! We offer fantastic tooth replacement options today, such as dental implants that look and feel natural. Contact us to schedule a consultation at Arizona Biltmore Dentistry.

Unusual Dental Traditions From Around the World

Do other countries have their own version of the Tooth Fairy? Read our blog post to discover how children around the world traditionally celebrate the loss of their baby teeth with tooth tosses and teeth-collecting mice. Contact us for tips to promote the health of your child’s baby teeth and future adult teeth!

Are My Teeth Alive?

It’s alive! Or is it? Read our blog post to discover the truth behind your tooth’s biology. We give an overview of your tooth’s anatomy and explain why a tooth might require our restorative dentistry services. Contact us to learn more about how to care for your dental health.

How Did People Clean Their Teeth Before the Invention of Toothpaste?

If you’ve wondered how your ancestors kept their teeth clean before Colgate and Crest came along, check out our blog post! Learn about the history of toothpaste and some of the strange ingredients used over the years. Be sure to utilize modern-day dental tools and technology by brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each time with a fluoride toothpaste and coming to see us for checkups every 6 months.