Don’t Let the Word FILLING Fool You!



Written By Brittnie Heddlesten

 Have you ever been told that you need a dental filling and were not sure what this meant? Or maybe you have thought, well it’s JUST A FILLING…it’s not that important!

There is often confusion about what needing a dental filling means. Most often, a dental filling is the recommended treatment for a cavity in a tooth. Excess bacteria on the teeth will eat away at the enamel and dentin of the tooth, which causes this cavity or hole in the tooth. The best way to restore the tooth to a healthy state is to have the dentist remove the cavity, clean the area, and place a dental filling also called a restoration where the decaying tooth structure was removed.

I was told I have a cavity, but my tooth does not hurt, what’s up?
Having a cavity can cause pain, but often there is little to no discomfort or pain when the cavities are small.  If the cavity is not removed it will continue to grow and can expand to the nerve of the tooth, causing the need for a root canal or loss of the tooth.  We recommend not waiting until you have pain because then the repair is more costly. Getting a filling done to remove the decay from the tooth is easier, less expensive and a less invasive procedure.

Cost is a common reason why people do not follow through on dental treatment for cavities. However, many times it is not the cost of treatment that should be the main focus, but rather what the cavity in your teeth will cost you in the long run.

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