Xylitol Should Be Music To Your Ears

Did you have a little xylophone when you were a child? It was such a great gift. . .it delivered wonderful music to all I am sure. Xylitol sounds similar to that wonderful instrument in pronunciation and it also delivers a great gift. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that can be found naturally in some foods such as apples and mushrooms but can also be found in some gum, mints and candies currently if you don’t care to partake in fungi. It works wonderfully by killing bacteria when they try to ingest it. It kills the bacteria that cause cavities and also can aid to stimulate saliva in those that suffer from dry mouth or xerostomia. It is a wonderful sugar substitute. . .may be a little costly but it is less expensive than a filling! Five a day will keep cavities away. But do not do any`more because it will cause gastric issues. Be mindful of your canine friends though, they really enjoy the taste but it can be very harmful to them.

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