Dental insurance benefits began in the 1950’s but did not start becoming popular until the 1960’s. Oddly enough, the plan benefits back then are not much different than they are today. Over the years, we have discovered more in regards to dental health. One other thing that we know is that all people are not the same. Dental insurance does not have you complete a physical assessment like life insurance does so it is not tailored to your specific needs. As a person, we all play “host” to a varied set of bacteria. So, while some people can maintain their dental health by having regular 6 month visits, there are really others who could benefit from visiting their dental office every 3 months (sometimes even more!) Compromised immunity and overall health play a large part in that dental health as well. And vice-versa–dental health can play a part in your overall health. We recommend that you do not let your insurance dictate your health. Make it a choice to be healthy in 2015!

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