LANAP Laser Gum Treatment

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LANAP Laser Gum Treatment is the technologically advanced surgical way to treat periodontal disease and repair damaged gum tissue. What’s great about this technology is that the laser maneuvers on wavelengths to detect the difference between healthy and diseased tissues. It’s also less painful and requires less post-surgery recovery.

What is the procedure?

There’s two phases to this procedure and they’re quite simple: Phase 1: Surgery and Phase 2: Recovery. Dr. Hood is one of the forerunners of this state-of-the-art technology and will make sure you’re comfortable and well taken care of. Here's a basic rundown of what to expect when receiving LANAP Laser Gum Treatment from Arizona Biltmore Dentistry:

Phase 1: Surgery

The surgery is fairly quick, yet incredibly thorough. We want to ensure the entire infection within your gums is completely cleared out so you can get back to drinking, eating, and more importantly, smiling again.

You’ll receive local anesthetic for comfort and to ease tension in your jawbone.

The laser will target between your tooth and gum to clear out the infection.  

Phase 2: Recovery

Because this treatment uses a laser instead of a blade, you won’t need any sutures or stitches, and you’ll be in far less pain. Laser incisions are so clean your body won’t require as much inflammation to cure wounds and pain.

You’ll want to eat softer foods and take some ibuprofen (if you’re medically able) for the first two days.

Recovery is typically less than 24 hours so you shouldn’t need to miss work or time with family.

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