Phoenix dental patient Sean Sexton talks about his experience with the Invislaign process at Arizona Biltmore Dentistry

Invisalign is leading the country as an alternative to traditional braces. Adults and teens alike use these clear braces to straighten their teeth while going about their day feeling confident and comfortable. In fact, social situations are the number one reason people choose to straighten their teeth using Invisalign. Whether it's wanting to look good for a wedding, preparing for a job interview, or for teenagers finally asking the girl of your dreams out on a date. 

Arizona Bilmore Dentistry Invisalign





Here are some of the dental situations Invisalign can help fix:

Teeth Crowding: When a cluster of your teeth appear to be all smushed together
Teeth Gaps: When there's a larger-than-normal space between two or more teeth
Crossbite: When your corresponding top and bottom teeth don't properly align with a resting jaw. Either the top tooth covers the bottom tooth or vice versa.
Overbite: When your top teeth excessively cover your bottom teeth when teeth are at rest (like a beaver).
Underbite: When your bottom teeth cover your top teeth when teeth are at rest (like a bulldog). 

Dr. Jeziorski and Dr. Hood will work to customize Invisalign for your needs and put you on a plan to straighter teeth. The best part, no one will know you're wearing braces.

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