Dental Implants


Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Phoenix

Start-to-Finish Implants

Restore the look and function of your smile with dental implants. They’re a comfortable and permanent solution to missing teeth.

Natural-Looking Restorations

Whether we top your implant with a crown, bridge, or implant-supported dentures, your smile will look radiant again.

Replace Missing Teeth

Whether you need a single tooth implant or need to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, we can help with dental implants.

Dental Implants Process

We start with placing the dental implant itself, which is a small titanium post, into the jawbone. If your jawbone isn’t strong enough for an implant, we can also perform a bone graft in our office. Once the implant has fused with the jawbone, we’ll create and place your restoration – a crown, bridge, or implant-supported denture. Implants are:

  • A permanent solution for missing teeth
  • Natural-looking and comfortable
  • Fully-functioning, so you can talk and eat with confidence and ease
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Your Phoenix Dental Implant Dentist


At Arizona Biltmore Dentistry, Dr. Jeziorski provides start-to-finish dental implants for patients missing teeth, from one to many. What does “start-to-finish” mean? It means we do everything under one roof, and you don’t have to visit different offices to get all the care associated with dental implants.

We want to restore your smile. Call today for more information or to schedule a consultation at 602-957-8200
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