Emergency Dentistry

At Arizona Biltmore Dentistry we offer same day appointments for emergency dental needs. Sometimes things happen out of your control. You could be out to lunch and one of your fillings falls out, or you bite into something unexpected causing severe pain. We're here to help, and to help as fast as possible. 

If Arizona Biltmore Dentistry isn't your primary dentist but you need to be seen right away for emergency care, don't hesitate to call. 

Call our emergency service team if you're dealing with the following issues:

Photo by Piotr Marcinski/iStock / Getty Images

Any of your teeth get knocked out

Any of your teeth crack or break

Any of your fillings fall out

Frequent tooth or gum pain

Sensitivity to sugary foods, cold, or heat

Your gums are swollen, bleeding, or showing signs of an infection

Your crown, veneer, denture, bridge, or partial is lost or broken

Suffering from these issues not only impacts the quality of your daily life, but it could lead to more serious issues. Same day emergency appointments with Arizona Biltmore Dentistry will help you prevent further damage of your teeth, gums, and overall health.

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